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 Please Note:  Once mistakes are found on charts, the appropriate corrections are made on future printings.    Every effort is made to avoid mistakes, but they do happen.  I apologize for any inconvenience.
Chart TitleCorrection
Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, Block 1 The correct DMC equivalent for Yellow Ochre Dark #316 is 830, not 860.
Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, Block 2 The correct DMC equivalent for Marigold Light #471 is 745, not 3078.
Chincoteague The star symbol is the color White in DMC (not 3821).
Autumn of Hawk Run Hollow Block #6: The nine acorns should have the double diamond symbol and be stitched in 315 NPS/831 DMC, Yellow Ochre, Dark
Island Sisters

The column headers on the Floss List of Island Sisters are reversed:  The column listed as NPS should read DMC  (and DMC should read NPS). Also, NPS 844's equivalent in DMC is #3821 (not 8822)


The Kernel


The model was stitched on 32 count Relic using 2 strands of Needlepoint Silk. Two skeins of  Canary Yellow (973 DMC/553 NPS) are needed.
Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, Block 9

The centers of the flowers on the Christmas tree are over-one stitches.  And compensating over-one stitches are used surrounding them. The hourglass symbol calls for  636 (NPI) and 3777 (DMC) Clove Dark.

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, Block 7In the Floss List, the X symbol for 993/310 Black should be a large solid square symbol.
Lady's GardenThere is a symbol missing from the floss list.  Underneath the weird "C" should be a "-" (dash) symbol.  The dash symbol goes with Drab Green, Light. The "hourglass" symbol goes with Chocolate Brown.  The "dot" goes with Drab Green, Vy. Lt., the "%" symbol goes with Honeysuckle, Dk., the large "dot" goes with Flame Red, Dk., the "upside down U" goes with Flame Red, Med., and the "circle" goes with Flame Red, Lt.



















The floss list is completely wrong.  It should be:

(I'm going to describe the symbol after each color, as I understand the symbols are not translating well to all computers.  It must be a font thing.)

Floss List:

Symbol NPS DMC Color

K    766      780        Sable Brown, Dark     Filled in Hour Glass Shape

W    336      730    Avocado Green, Dark*    Filled in Heart

.    981      Ecru   Taupe, Very Light   A dot

L    252      581    Leaf Green    An "L"

a    763      437    Sable Brown, Very Light   A small letter "a"

w    315      830    Yellow Ochre, Dark   An empty Heart.

    953      869    Doeskin Brown    A sun.

S    993      310    Black*     A filled in black box.

X    588      3371    Burnt Umber, Very Dark    An "X"

    965      646    Dapple Gray, Very Dark* A circle with the bottom half filled in.

    974      3787    Mouse Gray, Dark*   A side-ways "6"

-    964      844    Dapple Gray, Medium   A dash line.

*Indicates two skeins of floss will be needed.


The GIRLS - Elizabeth, Mary Margaret, Molly and Suzannah I have listed on each chart that 1/8 yard of fabric will be needed to stitch two girls.  This is wrong.  A 1/4 yard of fabric will be needed to stitch two girls.  I apologize for this big mistake.
Folk Art PincushionsOn the Elephant Floss List, there is a symbol missing.  The diagonal symbol outlining the elephant's ear should be:  Needlepoint Silk-694, DMC-834, AVAS-2234.
Bedtime Prayer SamplerThe symbols are reversed for 1716 (satin stitch) and 1716 (cross stitch).
Be My LoveThe Stitch Count listed is incorrect.  The correct stitch count is:  92 wide by 111 high.
I Honor My ParentsThere is a symbol and color missing from the Floss List.  Please add a "-" (dash) with DMC #3830.
Houses of Hawk Run HollowHouse #1 - The grassy area under the house should be filled in with 5024/502, Medium Sea Green.  3716/3051 (Dark Mouse Gray) should be 3716/844.  Lt. Williamsburg Blue should be 5382/321/928, not 5382/321/828.

House #2 - In the lower, left hand portion of the house there are 6 large black square symbols which should be * (asterisk) symbols.

House #3 - In the floss list, Medium Sea Green should read 5024/155/502, not 5024/266/603.

House #7 - In the floss list, the DMC color for Navy Blue should be 930, not 960. Also, on the flower in the very top, right-hand corner, there is a heart symbol in the center where it should be a "+" symbol.

Meeting House HillIn the floss list, the DMC conversion for Soie D'Alger 3744 is listed as 860.  The correct conversion is 830.
Maria P. OliverIn the earlier charts, there is a color and symbol missing in the floss list.  The symbol is a diamond and the color is 708 in Needlepoint Silk and 950 in DMC.
Four DiamondsIn the floss list, the symbols for Taupe, Light and Elephant Grey have been reversed.
My Home TownThe DMC equivalent of Soie D'Alger's 4646 is 3834.
Pumpkin FarmThe "=" symbol on the chart should be the open heart symbol and stitched with 313/832.
York Christmas Ornament (JCS mag.)Meadow Green is listed in the magazine as 244.  The correct number is 344.
Gingham Dog & the Calico CatIn the floss list, the NPS and DMC numbers are reversed for Maple Brown.  The DMC number should be 869 and the NPS number should be 913.
Updated 01/02/14
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