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1824 Valentine Bird

Our design was taken from an early valentine.  We've used Thread Gatherer's Sheep's Silk to punch our design.  The finished size is approximately 8 3/8 by 7 3/4.  You will need a 15 x 18" piece of Weaver's Cloth and the following threads:  Autumn Twilight x1, Brick Red x2, Charcoal x2, Chimney Sweep x2, Chocolate Caramel x1, Ink Black x4, Moss Green x3, Rusty Amber x1, Terra Cotta x2, Tree Bark x1, Walnut Woods x2.  Our frame is from Olde Colonial Designs.

Chart Price: $12.00



This punch needle design looks EXACTLY like an early hooked rug.  I used The Thread Gatherer's Sheep's Silk to punch this design.  Sheep's Silk is a 50/50 combo of silk and wool and it's just fabulous for punching!  This design measures approximately 8 3/4 x 6 3/16 and is a quick project when using a Cameo punchneedle (size medium) and 2 strands of Sheep's Silk.  Colors used are Cape Chestnut (2 skeins), Charcoal (4 skeins), Ink Black (3 skeins), Light Moss (1 skein), Lingonberry (2 skeins), Mississippi Mud (2 skeins), Moss Green (1 skein), Old Gold (2 skeins), Sage (1 skein) and Terra Cotta (2 skeins).

Chart Price: $12.00



Miss Pitts & Her Sister Sophie

I've been wanting to reproduce my antique leather doll for a long time and finally found the perfect way to do it!!  Miss Pitts is punched with all 6 strands of Weeks Dye Works and uses:  Onyx (20 skeins), Conch (3 skeins), Straw (2 skeins), Terra Cotta (3 skeins), Havanna (7 skeins) and 2 skeins each of the following DMC colors:  400, 433, 829, 830, 831, 832, 834, 869, 938, 3046.

Sophie is punched with the following:  Week's Baby's Breath (2 skeins), Whiskey (1 skein), Chrysanthemum (1 skein) and 10 skeins of DMC 3031.

Special thanks to Jackie at The Stitcher's Stash in Fairfax Virginia for putting Miss Pitts together for me.

Which reminds me....complete finishing instructions are included!

Chart Price: $12.00



The Deep Blue Sea - a Punch Needle design

This project is much quicker than you'd think!  I punch with a Cameo Punch Needle using 6 strands of thread and it goes very quickly!  This design requires a 9 x 23" piece of weaver's cloth.  I've punched my stocking with Weeks Dye Works threads, but have listed a conversion to DMC.  The threads needed are:  Amber (x4), Baby's Breath (x2), Bayberry (x3), Blue Spruce (x3), Cactus (x4), Chestnut (x2), Chrysanthemum (x1), Clamshell (x1), Dove (x8), Gunmetal (x1), Icicle (x2), Lancaster Red (x2), Marigold (x1), Morris Blue (x16), Pecan (x1), Sea Foam (x13), Snowflake (x4), Teal Frost (x2), Terra Cotta (x4), Whitewash (x4).

Special Thanks to Lisa Duffin for finishing our stocking!


Chart Price: $12.00


Stars & Stripes Mitten

This design requires a 12 x 12" piece of weaver's cloth, a Cameo Punch Needle and the following threads:  Weeks Dye Works' Terra Cotta (x3), 4 skeins of DMC 829 and 4 skeins of DMC 834.

Our mitten is finished with a wool backing and wool hanging loop.

Special Thanks to Lisa Duffin for finishing our mitten!


Chart Price: $10.00


Tulip Basket

This design requires a 15 x 19" piece of Weaver's Cloth, a Cameo Punch Needle and the following Weeks Dye Works threads:  Straw (x3), Pecan (x3), Chrysanthemum (x8), Sage (x8), Onyx (x33).  A conversion to DMC is provided. 

Our design was finished into a wonderful pillow with wool fabric and a purchased pillow form.

Special thanks to Lisa Duffin for finishing our pillow!

Chart Price: $12.00



The Bride - A Punch Needle Design

I discovered how much I LOVE doing punch needle and just couldn't seem to stop!  This design measure approximately 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches and uses WDW in:  Lancaster Red, Juniper and Chestnut (4 skeins each) and DMC in 647 (6 skeins), 3829 (5 skeins) and 739 (1 skein).  I recommend a Cameo Punch Needle, size medium.  This design contains pre-printed weaver's cloth.

Cathy Campbell made the wonderful frame.

Chart Price: $10.00


Angel Ornament One (VERY original name!)

This design also contains the preprinted weaver's cloth.  It measures approximately 4 1/4 x 5 1/4.  Threads used:  WDW in Tiger's Eye, Straw, Cade and Chesapeake (2 skeins each) and DMC in 869 (2 skeins), 739 (2 skeins), 645 and 3031 (1 skein each).

Chart Price: $10.00



Angel Ornament Two

This design measures approximately 4 1/4 x 5, contains the preprinted weaver's cloth and uses: One skein each of WDW Peach, Straw and Brick and DMC 869 (3 skeins), 739 (2 skeins), and one skein each of 645 and 3031.

Lisa Duffin did a GREAT job of finishing both of our angel ornaments!

Chart Price: $10.00


Burial Hill

This design is for all those tombies out there!

Again, this design is preprinted on weaver's cloth and is worked in Gentle Art Sampler Treads in:  Banker's Grey (x3), Apple Cider (x4), Dried Thyme (x2), Grasshopper (x1) Avocado (x2) and Tarnished Gold (x3), Tin Bucket (x9), Pebble (x2), Maple Syrup (x5), Celery (x1), Tropical (x2), Mulberry (x1) and 10 skeins of Black DMC (310).

The design measures approximately 6 1/4 x 9.  The fabulous frame is from Primitive Traditions.


Chart Price: $12.00


Fruit & Flowers

This punch needle design is worked in Crescent Colours in:  Sassy Brass (x4), Tennessee Red Clay (x4), Spinach (x2), Ginger Snap (x3), Old Marigold (x2), Ruby Slippers (x2) and Bramble Bush (x2) and 8 skeins of black DMC (310).  Lisa Duffin turned our design into a wonderful purse!

Again, the design is preprinted on weaver's cloth and measures approximately 5 x 7 3/4.


Chart Price: $12.00

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